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Suicide Prevention Sports Nights-

 Videos to show your classroom: 

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Parent Focused: Talking to a Student about an Attempted Suicide

Farmer Focused PSA 30 Sec. version and 2:30 minute longer version

After an Attempt

What to tell Children About Suicide:

Transitioning into College & College Life - Mental Health and Suicide

  Camps for Kids

  •  Camp SOUL -  (Supporting Others Understanding Loss) Free - children 7-17 yrs who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Hubertus, WI (near Milwaukee)
  • Camp Hometown Heroes -  is a national free week-long overnight summer camp for children of fallen U.S. service members who died in any manner: combat, accident, illness or suicide. (Grafton Area)
  • Camp Hope - is a weekend camp where children are brought together to work through the grieving process after a loved one dies. (Wisconsin Lions Camp -Rosholt, WI )
  • Camp Lloyd in (Green Bay, WI) - is a week long day camp from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm for grieving children, ages 7 - 14 yrs.


Tool kits

 Gay, Lesbian , Transgender issues and suicide

Motivational Temporary Tattoos - Get a pack for your classroom, the nurses office or counselors office.

  • "I am" Collection
    • 5 designs (2 in x 1.5 in) (Etsy - Glitterandpine) Free shipping
  • "You are Enough" -  (2 in long) (Etsy - Symbolicimports)
  • " This too shall pass" , " Calm" 
    • 5 designs in black & white or color. (Etsy - Mentalhealthmagic)
  • "Keep Going" 5 Designs (1.5 in long) (Etsy - pepperink)
  • "Perfectly Imperfect" -  (2.5 in x 1 in) (Conscious Ink) 
    • Available in white ink
    • "Tattoo Packs" focused on - Be Kind, Love My Body, Empower, Gratitude, Self-Love, Be Present, Survivor/Thriver, Girl Power, Be You and more.


Awareness Months Resources :

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Start now before your school has a crisis.  If you start after the crisis it may appear to others that the school is sensationalizing a recent suicide versus being pro active and trying to spread awareness and  appropriate resources.


August 6 - National Friendship Day

August 8 - Happiness Happens Day

National Self- Awareness Month


National Self-Improvement Month

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Resources:

Sept. 10- Light a candle in a window to remember suicide victims. Once a School had the kids color a picture of a candle, cut it out and taped it to their locker in remembrance. Even the simplest things can bring awareness in your school. With Awareness will come conversation and the breaking down of stigmas.

September 7-  National Grandparents Day

Reported by USA Today: The elderly are the highest risk population in the country for suicide. But few suicide-prevention programs target them;... And mental health experts say the number of elderly suicides is likely to climb as baby boomers enter their twilight years.

Lesson Plans on the Following Websites:


National Depression Screening Day (1st Thursday of the 1st full week of October)

October 10 - National Mental Health Day

October 23-31 National Red Ribbon Week (Drug- Free America)

National Depression Awareness Month Resources:

National Bully Prevention Month Resources:


International Stress Awareness Day (1st Wed. in Nov.)

National Survivors of Suicide Day (Saturday before Thanksgiving)

  • Please refer to September tool kits, resources and lesson plans


No Name Calling Week (3rd week in Jan.)


February 17 - Random Act of Kindness Day



March (1st full week) Sleep Awareness Week.

Self-Harm Awareness Month


Stress Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month

(April 10) National Sibling Day



May 14-20, 2017 Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Prevention Week

Family Support Month

National Maternal Depression Month

Mindfulness Month

Self-Discovery Month

Mental Health Awareness Week Resources: (Second Monday in May)



June 12-18, 2017 National Men's Health week

PTSD Awareness Month

Gay & Lesbian Pride Month


National Minority Mental Health Month

Spreading Suicide Prevention Message Responsibly


Ideas for Classrooms or Staff Meeting: 

  • Create a display in your library or hallway about relating to the topic (or e-mail for suggestions and information
  • Hang signs of awareness or statistics on lockers or decorate your Classroom door
  • Have a special day of wearing a color to represent a theme
  • Short statistics over morning announcements for a week
  • Show the short 30 second Public Service Announcement in class or at a staff meeting.
  • Show 3 minute informational video at the beginning of staff meeting or to your students. 
  • Host a FREE QPR Training for your staff, students, and or family members. Find a QPR Trainer in Wisconsin - alphabetized by county
  • Print the sign for your classroom window (2 sided) and put it up (top left of this page).
  • Buy some motivational temporary tattoos for kids to have when they are having a hard time.
  • Have the students or staff create your own Public Service Announcement (PSA) 
  • Be part of an already created video.

    Use your phone to film a short video of yourself saying “Stay.” And then finish the sentence: “I was made for _________.” Make sure to film the video in a well lit area with your phone turned horizontal, and then email your video to

Staff and Administration:

It is vital to read through your Standards of Practice following a death in the District in regards to suicide and what should and should not be done and why.  It is good to be ready for a tragedy prior to the occurrence and have steps and procedures in place to make the crisis response time as efficient as possible.

Form letter for District Families in the wake of a Suicide Death

HOPE Squad: Program to start in your school

Memorials and grieving in the schools

Online Training (Many possible Free CEU's)

Webinars & Conference Calls

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