Teaching about suicide in schools

Grant Application for Support Group at your School/Community

Sign for Classroom Window- Print this hand to display in your window to the hall or on your door symbolizing to staff and students you are a safe person to talk to about suicide issues.  Please print both sides back to back.

Sports Nights Dedicated to Suicide Prevention -

Motivational Temporary Tattoos - These are great for students! Get a pack for your classroom, the nurses office or counselors office.

  • "I am" Collection- 5 designs (2 in x 1.5 in) (Etsy - Glitterandpine) Free shipping
  • "You are Enough" -  (2 in long) (Etsy - Symbolicimports)
  • " This too shall pass" , " Calm" - 5 designs in black & white or color. (Etsy - Mentalhealthmagic)
  • "Keep Going" - 5 Designs (1.5 in long) (Etsy - pepperink)
  • "Perfectly Imperfect" -  (2.5 in x 1 in) (Conscious Ink) 
    • Available in white ink
    • "Tattoo Packs" focused on - Be Kind, Love My Body, Empower, Gratitude, Self-Love, Be Present, Survivor/Thriver, Girl Power, Be You and more.

Brochures to print - some available in Spanish

After an Attempt

What to tell Children About Suicide:

Transitioning into College & College Life - Mental Health and Suicide

 Memorials and grieving in the schools

Online Training (Many possible Free CEU's)

Webinars & Conference Calls

 Camps for Kids

  •  Camp SOUL -  (Supporting Others Understanding Loss) Free - children 7-17 yrs who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Hubertus, WI (near Milwaukee)
  • Camp Hometown Heroes -  is a national free week-long overnight summer camp for children of fallen U.S. service members who died in any manner: combat, accident, illness or suicide. (Grafton Area)
  • Camp Hope - is a weekend camp where children are brought together to work through the grieving process after a loved one dies. (Wisconsin Lions Camp -Rosholt, WI )
  • Camp Lloyd in (Green Bay, WI) - is a week long day camp from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm for grieving children, ages 7 - 14 yrs.


Tool kits


 Gay, Lesbian , Transgender issues and suicide

 Faith based lesson plans :

 National Day of Prayer Video

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